Vol.2 No.1 2018 (Accepted Papers)

Kusumah, E. P.

  • Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Applications
  • University of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia


  • The Prediction of Bankruptcy Using Altman Z-Score Model (Case Study In BRI Bank, BNI Bank, Mandiri Bank, BTN Bank)
  • University of Dehasen Bengkulu, Indonesia

Saputra, D.

  • Analysis of Factors Affecting Economic Growth in Bangka Belitung With LSDV and FGLS Methods
  • University of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

Fauzi, A.

  • The Role of Ratio Profits as The Improvement of Realization of KPR BTN Credit on PT. Bank Saving Country (Persero) Tbk.
  • University of BSI Bandung, Indonesia


  • Contribution Linkage and Role of Village Devices in Village Finance Management to Achieve Accountability of Village Revenue Expenditure Budget
  • University of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

Kian, L.

  • Political and Religious Contributions in Economic Development
  • Asia Banking Finance and Informatics Institute (ABFII) Perbanas Jakarta, Indonesia

Yunita, A., Christianingrum

  • Measurement of Accountability Management of Village Funds In Bangka District
  • University of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

Zaman, D.

  • The Effect of Financial Performance on Dividend Policy in Manufacturing Companies In Jakarta Stock Exchange
  • Polytechnic of LP3i Bandung, Indonesia

Hamsani., Khairiyansyah.

  • The Opportunity Of SMEs Development By Triple Helix ABG Method In Supporting Creative Economy In Pangkalpinang City
  • University of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

Ramly, A. T., Syukur, D. A.

  • Strategic Management Organizational Development and Human Resources Based on Pumping HR Model in IBN Khaldun University Bogor
  • University of Ibn Khaldun Bogor, Indonesia


  • Relationship Investment Opportunity Set (Ios) With Financial Policy In Growth Company In Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI)
  • STAIN Syaikh Abdurrahman Siddik Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

Išoraitė, M.

  • Brand Image Theoretical Brand Aspects
  • Vilniaus kolegija-The University Applied Sciences, Lithuania